core values

Our Core Values are the foundation of who we are and guide our actions as we seek to glorify God by making disciples who love God, love people, and serve others. 

  • Exalt God

    Our goal is to see Christ magnified and exalted in all the earth. We seek to accomplish this by exalting Him in our individual lives and in our corporate body of worship. 

  • elevate prayer

    Our goal is to show our dependance upon God as we seek Him through prayer, to maintain our walk with God, and to teach others to pray. 

  • expository teaching

    We seek to educate, equip, and empower believers with the Word of God in order to move believers from spiritual birth to spiritual maturity. 

  • EXTRAVAGANT giving

    Our goal is to cheerfully give back a portion of what God has given us for the advancement of His kingdom. We teach and practice extravagant giving through our tithe and also through our outreach ministries. 

  • exciting worship

    Our desire is to exemplify, teach, and see people worship God in spirit and in truth through songs that are theologically accurate, and God centered. Authentic worship consists of song, prayer, obedience to God's word, serving, and loving God and others. 

  • evangelsim focused

    Our goal is to see believers burdened for the lost and actively sharing Jesus wherever they go in order to see lost people transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • exemplify christ's love & forgiveness

    To point people to Christ (the ultimate example of love and forgiveness) through our love and forgiveness for others. 

  • exercise our spiritual gifts

    The goal is to see every member using their spiritual gifts by faithfully serving the Lord in some capacity in the church.

  • experience spiritual growth

    Our goal is to see every attendee connected to a Life Group so that they can be encouraged, have deepened relationships, and be held accountable to the Word of God. 

  • enjoy god and his people

    Our goal is to see people enjoying God's presence. As Christians, we have the privilege of being in relationship with God, as a result, our lives should be characterized by joy. It is an honor and privilege to walk with God and fellowship with other believers.